Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is Tim Bosma hamilton's Fifth Homicide

Surly Hamiltonian has been tracking the homicides in Hamilton for 2013. This makes it easier to refer back to and murder is an especially important statistic for crime. Other stats can be juked by the police (think of the television show The Wire) but murders are more difficult. Hamilton is relatively small and with a low number of murders so the number of murders per year will jump around a lot.

So far four murders have been reported in Hamilton (compared to five in all of 2012) although no one was charged in a murder at a Tisdale and Main apartment building so far and few details have been reported, so whether that is a murder is open to interpretation (are self-defence cases murder?).

Tim Bosma of Ancaster has certainly been murdered. However the question for statistics of Hamilton murders, is whether he was murdered within the boundaries of Hamilton. This CBC article has a map with various locations associated with the crime identified, included Bosma's rural Ancaster residence. Bosma went for a test drive with his truck, however as of yet, it hasn't been reported when and where he was killed. Bosma's residence isn't that far from the Hamilton boundary, so it is possible that he may have been killed outside of Hamilton. It may be years before the case goes to trial and it is possible it may never be known exactly where he was killed, apart from the perpetrators.

If Bosma was murdered in Hamilton, that would mean we have already had the same number of murders as last year, with well over a year to go.

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