Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ontario Electricity Global Adjustment Update

It has been a while since Surly Hamiltonian has looked at the 2013 monthly Global Adjustment stats available here:

Here's the actual values from 2013 so far with the 2012 numbers in parenthesis:

January 5.00 (4.25)
February 4.81 (5.06)
March 4.93 (6.23)
April 5.86 (6.07)

Interestingly the values for this year are lower, except for January. The biggest difference was March, however the April numbers are relatively close. March wasn't a particularly great month weather wise, so increased consumption for heat and low solar output (and possibly wind too) meant that the global adjustment wasn't too remarkable for that time of year. Remember low overall power consumption combined with high wind and solar generation is the recipe for a high Global Adjustment for a month. Historically May and June can be high Global Adjustment months, compared with July and August which are usually quite low due to high power consumption for air conditioning combined with low wind production.

Still overall, a lower average Global Adjustment than last year.

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